Neuropsychology • Cognitive Rehabilitation • Psychotherapy • Cognitive Wellness Coaching


CCCW offers group therapy and a variety of workshops and seminars on a rotating basis. Listed below are descriptions of groups and programs currently listed on our calendar of events and seminar topics that our providers routinely provide.


Our providers routinely provide seminars in the community on the following topics:

• Building Your Brain's 401K
• Evidence Based Cognitive Rehabilitation for TBI & Stroke: Beyond the First Year
• Mindfulness for Improved Attention and Memory
• Using Mindfulness to Improve Employee/Caregiver Wellness
• What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation and How Can it Help?


Cognitive Wellness Workshops

CCCW offers rotating workshops on the following topics. Please consult our
calendar for times and locations.

• Brain 401(k) Investment Club
• Clear and Calm for the Holidays
• Introduction to Mindfulness for Mood Symptoms
• Mindfulness for Improved Attention
• Memory Enhancement Workshops